Also, sorry for my absence. I’m going to respond to all of my messages tonight though. 

I went to class yesterday and we did a bit of Reiki (ha ha yeah not for me) but we also did an exercise where we wrote down the names of our deceased loved ones and friends and read for each other. I got this guy’s grandmother who showed me different things like her husband, kids, memories, personalities, a church with a giant cross, some advice for him and symbolic images like washing of the hands (to get rid of the day’s dirt) and things like that. I was afraid I wouldn’t get much but I did really well and from as far as the guy could tell, it was all accurate and insightful which is better than my last reading where I basically told a woman what she did over the weekend. My guides of the day included a wolf with orange eyes and snarl and an Asian healer named Dr.You.

I asked the group for advice since I had another premonition of someone dying. I hate ones that include death as they always turn out to be true so far. This one was strange because it included an orb that flew around behind me. They told me not to tell her or my loved ones that are the closest to her but to maybe mention it in the form of ‘a dream I had’ so that it could possibly make them think about the time they have left and how to spend it in a worthy way. I think that could be a reminder for all of us regardless.

I think I just spoke to Thor for the first time. I said hi to him as I saw his name twice today and I heard a voice say ‘if you keep scrolling down the (website) page you’ll see my name again’ and what do you know, there it was again. I had no way of knowing that myself and I had no freaking idea I have a god phone. Weird.

Norse Mythology

  • Everyone: LOKI NO
  • Loki: LOKI YES
  • *later*
  • Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.

Life can be really beautiful some times.

Currently reading Dark Fairies by Bob Curran who, unlike other authors, doesn’t portray faeries and lore as light and fluffy nor does he speak from personal belief but history and much research. He also covers an arrangement of mythical beings like Huldufolk, trolls, Brollaghan and banshees. Definitely recommend.

All I’ve done today so far is sit around in the dark and watch Supernatural. Along with that, I’ve also had a spirit trying to get my attention. It kept moving a toy in front of me and near the ground which I thought was weird, and when I tried to see what it was I saw a tiny shadow run behind the couch. I’m pretty sure it was a gnome because I always see them like that, barely catching a glimpse of them running away. I left it a brownie and milk before I moved out of here so maybe that’s why it has come around me again.

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.
Barbara De Angelis (via itsquoted)


Alvdans - XIV 
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A quick snapshot I took from a train
up in the high mountains of western Norway, on my way to Bergen.

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I went to the intermediate mediumship class for the first time tonight and it was so amazing. I really love the community and we did speed readings for each other like speed dating where you sit with someone for two minutes, give a reading and move on. I was nervous doing readings because its been so long but apparently mine were really accurate! They were mostly symbolic like I saw a storm brewing for one woman and explained what would happen and they were also literal like I saw another woman dancing in a forest in a hippie-ish way and with such a simple but eccentric happiness. She told me afterwards that she just came back from being out in a forest living and dancing with older hippies and discovering that streak in herself so yeah. Everyone did well and I met a few new people. I’m so excited to go there every Tuesday and grow with everybody.