I haven’t had any experiences with spirits lately and I feel like I’m sick or something, like I haven’t been myself since and I’m just waiting around to come back until then. Bleh, normal life is too mundane for me. I heard my name called the other night when a spirit was trying to wake me up but that’s it. Maybe I should look up a spell for this.

The God’s don’t welcome your racism


Alright listen up. I am ethnically Scots-Irish and I have a masters degree in Celtic Studies, focusing on the integration of religion and life in early Ireland. I’ve been a practising Celtic Reconstructionist since I was thirteen. Now that I’ve got my qualifications for you to actually listen to me out of the way (and please note my deep sarcasm here) let me tell you that there is no blood requirement to worship our Gods. You do not have to be descended from any of the Celtic ethnic groups. You do not have to live in a Celtic country. And you sure as shit do not have to be white.

There were multiple non Celtic settlements in Ireland, and in those settlements worship of the local deities alongside the ones they brought with them went on with no objections from the locals. Because our Gods just were, they were statements of fact and the reality of the landscape. Requiring foreigners not to worship them would have been requiring them not to breathe or open their eyes. The existence of the social status “Man of the Sea” and the rules governing kinship and family allegiance of his children should he marry an Irish woman should tell you that intermarriage was welcome and normalised, and considering how much of the foreign presence in Ireland was Viking and Roman I have to tell you that probably a fair number of these men were not white.

Let me also remind you now that Scottish, Irish and the other Celtic ethnicities are just that, ethnicities. Not races. Ethnic groups can be and are multi racial and many ethnically Celtic people are also not white. So even if there was a blood requirement, which there’s not, that requirement would have fuck all to do with being white.

Our Gods aren’t racist and you have no right to be in their name.

Jesus it’s almost 1 am and I have to wake up early tomorrow BUT I’M GOING TO MY FIRST REN FAIRE AND I’M JUST A LITTLE TOO EXCITED. 

(Will post pics tomorrow evening)

I like to make up medium-related activities and tonight I looked at beautiful photographs of people’s faces right before and after their death. I knew their stories lay ahead so I focused in on their pictures first to connect with them and see what I could find. I don’t know if this is the psychic part of my brain or if it was an open connection, but a few of the things I picked up were fairly accurate like I got the name ‘Maria’ from one woman though I suspect she liked to be called May. And I knew another guy liked to drink beer and that was something mentioned in the article later when I checked. Some of the things I was not able to confirm or throw out so I guess we’ll never know. But a big conclusion I can draw from these activities is that Spirit does not care if you use your mediumship online or in person, that either way works.

To My God of Light


There’s a burning in my heart and warmth on my face. A gentle kiss placed on my cheek.

Before my eyelids I see the brightness of the sun. Purifying flames leap to lick away the rot from my heart, mind, and soul.

My voice can only sing Your praises. Even the beating of my heart sings Your name.

I’m gonna pray, and sing, and hope; I’m gonna weep, and beg, and moan; I’m gonna fight, and struggle, and doubt. But in the end, I’m gonna be His and He is gonna be mine. For my life is not my own, but the product of a God who breathed life into dust and said “Follow Me, out into the storm.”
-T.B. LaBerge // Go Now 




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The Firstborn meme

1/4 relationships ~ Arwen Undómiel and Aragorn Elessar

I spent a little time away from this blog to find some balance in everyday life and now that I’m feeling somewhat better, I have a few messages to respond to and things to study but I’ll probably wait until morning. Also I’ve seen so many spirits today I’m starting to think the dead are hosting a party in my house.